Personal stuff
Hello. I'm an indie tech entrepreneur, living from one side-hustle to the next 🤹🏼‍♂️
years of age.
I usually live in the lovely Sörnäinen (which is a neighbourhood in the city of Helsinki, 🇫🇮Finland). However my operation is 100% location independent and I like to take full advantage of that ✈️🏝🍸

Work stuff
I mix design, code and creative ideas for fun and profit.
In goes coffee, smoothies and italo disco -mixtapes. Out comes apps, websites, plugins, e-commerce-stuff, Shopify code, Squarespace stuff...
Currently (spring 2018 in case I never update this) I'm doing a dive into 📈 analytics (cos that's where the 💵💵💵 is). But will probably soon grow bored of it and do something else 🤷‍♂️

Not available for freelance work. I am however interested in teaching web stuff at some point.

This site
The purpose of this site is not to sell me as a freelancer or create a great ”personal brand” or any of that shit. This one's just for the fun of it 🙃